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Why Shepherd Stubbs??

I just wanted to write this statement to inform everyone looking for work why joining Shepherd Stubbs is the best possible move anyone can make whilst looking for temp-perm employment.

From the moment you walk into the office you are treated as an individual and not just another statistic, which every other employment agency in my experience tends to do.

Upon my arrival I was greeted warmly and with a genuine smile, asked to fill out some forms before sitting down with Jennie Middleton for a chat.

Whilst speaking with Jennie I instantly warmed to her, she was actually interested in me as an individual and took the time to get to know me which was really nice.

Once we had spoken about my previous working experience Jennie recommended a role that she felt would best suit me at which I started a week later, throughout my time as a temp at my now permanent company, Jennie and Tracy both kept frequent contact with me, checking I was happy and that I had no issues or concerns and let me know that if I did have any to let them know and they would help me anyway they could.

It’s very rare that you find people in this world who are actually willing to help you without wanting something in return and the ladies at Shepherd Stubbs capture the ideal of these people perfectly.

If there was anything I could do in return for these wonderful ladies in return for what they have done for me, I would be more than happy if it meant showing them a fraction of the individuality, warmth, caring and friendliness they have shown me.


Marc Clements