When employers need to fill a temporary job role it can be a stressful and time-consuming process. We keep recruiting simple. Not only that, at Shepherds Stubbs we understand the importance of finding the best candidate, fast. Fortunately, we house a great deal of expertise in placing the perfect candidate in temporary positions for our clients.

It probably has something to do with the 30 plus years of industry experience and our commitment to both clients and candidates.

Since we first established our philosophy has been ‘it’s all about the right people’. That means that no matter the time period for which you need to fill a temporary position in your workplace, our reliable recruitment consultants will select only the most suitable and dedicated candidates.

How We Work


We aren’t like other recruitment agencies who will often fill temporary job offers with under-qualified and unsuitable candidates in order to focus on clients with permanent positions. We also understand that your time is valuable. With this in mind, you can trust that our temporary job recruitment service will involve a relevant and focussed search for the ideal clients, rather than sending through a great number of random CVs.

With your dedicated client account manager, you will discuss your exact requirements in the temporary job opening including working hours, company ethos, expected qualifications and experience and salary/wage expectations. From this information we can select from the many candidates we already have on our database or produce a comprehensive temporary job advert and begin the recruitment process.

Why Choose Shepherd Stubbs Recruitment?


Our long-standing reputation as a celebrated recruitment agency is upheld by a number of fundamental principles. Amongst these principles are the friendly and professional relationships we form with our clients and candidates, our successful recruitment outcomes and our extensive experience. By choosing Shepherds Stubbs for your temporary job recruitment, you join numerous  clients who have enjoyed the following benefits:

  • More than 30 years’ recruitment experience
  • Understanding your requirements, and quickly filling your urgent recruitment needs
  • Resourcing from our extensive temporary and contract applicant database
  • Constant communication updates, problem-solving and always honest dealings
  • ISO9001 accredited recruitment process giving you peace of mind
  • Structured interviews, skills assessment, inductions, eligibility checks / DBS

If you are an employer who needs to quickly and effectively fill a temporary position, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Shepherd Stubbs today!