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Temporaries Handbook – Online

Temporaries Handbook – Online

Joint Commitment
Variety of Work
Office Locations
Temp to Perm
BACS Payment
Maternity Leave
Pension Scheme
Pay & Admin
Starter Pack
Time Sheets
Bank Details Form
Payment of Wages
Medical History
Work Permit
Holiday Form
Tax Queries
Your Commitment
Holiday/Time Off
Absence & sickness
Grievance Procedure
Business Confidentiality
Smoking Policy
Time Keeping
Permanent Opportunities
Mobile Phones
Dress Code
Assignment Ethics
Transport & Parking
Personal Details
48 Hour Agreement
Working Overtime
Health & Safety
Equal Opportunities


Back to TopJoint Commitment
Our standards are high, at Shepherd Stubbs we endeavour to provide you with the best quality assignments. This is made possible by building good relationships between you, the company and us. Therefore our commitment to each other is essential.

Back to TopVariety of Work
At Shepherd Stubbs we supply a variety of clients and industries, this allows you as a temporary worker to experience different environments and use different skills and in some cases increase your skills.

Back to TopOffice Locations
We have a network of offices, which allows us the ability to provide you with work in various locations. To find out more about our other offices speak to your Consultant. If you have friends or relatives looking for work in any of our other locations, let us know, we may be able to help them too!

Back to TopTemp to Perm Positions
We often have temporary to permanent positions available, this is an excellent way for you to experience whether the Company or Position is suitable before committing to the job permanently. You may also be in the “right place at the right time” and be offered your ideal position whilst in a temporary assignment. If this happens please let your Consultant know immediately.

Back to TopHoliday Entitlement
As a temporary worker you become eligible for holiday entitlement from the beginning of your first assignment. For more details speak to your Consultant.

Back to TopBACS Payment
We can pay your wages directly into your bank or building society account so you need not worry about waiting for cheques to clear. If you are paid directly into the Bank, your wages are usually cleared by midday on the Friday due. Some Building Societies may take longer.

Back to TopMaternity Leave
As a temporary worker you are entitled to Statutory Maternity Pay, subject to satisfying Government qualifying requirements. If you would like to know more then please speak to your Consultant.

Back to TopPension Scheme
Shepherd Stubbs has a nominated Stakeholder Pension Scheme that you may wish to join. We will administer any weekly contribution that you decide to make. For more information or to arrange for an information pack to be sent to you please refer to the Stakeholder information sheet found in your starter pack.

Pay and Administration

Back to TopStarter Pack
On acceptance of your first assignment you will be given a starter pack which will include your timesheet & Terms of engagement (printed on the reverse), a bank details form, a medical questionnaire, relevant tax forms and a copy of the Working Time Regulations. The relevance of these forms is explained below:-

Back to TopTime Sheets & Terms of Engagement
In order for us to pay you on time, timesheets must be completed on every working day ensuring that breaks (including smoking breaks) are deducted. At the end of each working week or assignment (if this is less than a week) please ensure that your timesheet is signed by an authorised member of staff. On completion of your timesheet please ensure the original copy of your timesheet arrives at the office you are currently temping through no later than 9.30am the following Monday. Failure to do so will result in your wages being delayed. Your Terms of Engagement can be found on the reverse of your timesheet.

Back to TopBank Details Form
To enable us to pay your wages directly into your Bank or Building Society it is vital that your details are accurately written on the form with all relevant numbers, roll numbers (Building Society), correct account numbers (Bank) plus the relevant sort code, you will find these numbers on your statements. We also need the name the account is in on your statement.

Back to TopPayment of Wages
Your wages will reach your bank account on Friday following the week worked, usually cleared by midday. If you have not provided us with your bank details we will pay you by cheque.

Back to TopMedical History
This is used to enable us to assess your medical fitness when matching your skills to a temporary assignment. It is a legal requirement for us to have a copy in your file, the information is treated as Private and Confidential and will only be used in cases of emergency.

Back to TopIdentification & Work Permit
When registering with us you must be able to provide a valid form of identification, again, this is a legal requirement. Where applicable we require work permit documents to prove your eligibility to work in the UK. A valid form of identification e.g. Passport, National Insurance Card, Full Birth Certificate or National Identity Card.

Back to TopHoliday Form
When you want to take holiday it is important that you complete a holiday form to enable your Consultant to establish your holiday entitlement and also to enable us to track how much holiday you have left to take. If you find permanent work we always pay you any final holiday pay due without you having to request it, it will be sent to you with your P45.

Back to TopP45
On your first assignment with us we will need your P45, which should have been given to you by your previous employer. If they haven”t, ask for it. This ensures we have the correct previous pay and tax code details and you are not over taxed by us. Your P45 comes as a three-part document, the top copy should be kept by you, the other two copies passed to your new employer. You should always keep your P45″s and pay slips in a safe place, employers are unable to issue replacements.

Back to TopP46
If for any reason you do not have a valid P45 we will issue a P46 for you to complete.

Back to TopP38
A P38 is issued to students who work during their holiday period, should a student work during term times a P46 must be completed.

Back to TopP60
P60’s are issued at the end of every tax year where applicable. This tells you how much you have earned during the year March to April whilst you have worked through us. It is an important document and advisable to keep in a safe place, as with P45″s we are not able to issue replacements or copies. Your P60 will be sent to the address we have on file, please update us if you move.

Back to TopTax Queries
Once you have supplied us with your tax documents, queries relating to your tax should in the first instance be directed to your Consultant. If they are unable to advise you, please contact:-

Bedford Tax Office,
Chailey House
Cardington Road
Bedford, MK42 OYS
Tel: 0845 3021458

Please quote reference number:- 419 S 1182 and give your National Insurance number, this will enable them to find your details easily. Your Tax code and National Insurance number is printed on your pay slip.


Back to TopYour Commitment
Our standards are very high and we endeavour to provide you with the best quality assignments. This is made possible by building good relationships between you, the company and us, therefore commitment
and honesty between us is essential.

Back to TopHoliday/Time Off
When planning time off please advise your Consultant in writing using the holiday request form in your starter pack well in advance so that suitable cover can be arranged. This enables your Consultant to schedule your assignments in accordance with your availability, and assess any holiday pay entitlement.

Back to TopAbsence & sickness
If you are unable to attend work for any reason, please telephone your Shepherd Stubbs office immediately (not the client company, your Consultant will speak with them), we are open 8.30-5.30 Monday to Friday. If this is outside office hours please leave a clear message on the answer-phone.

Back to TopGrievance Procedure
In the unlikely event that you have a problem in any assignment contact your Consultant who will endeavour to resolve the issue promptly and efficiently.

Back to TopBusiness Confidentiality
You may be exposed to certain sensitive information whilst on assignment, it is important that you maintain confidentiality at all times. Never disclose any information gained about us, our clients or our business.

Back to TopSmoking Policy
Most clients operate a non-smoking policy. Please adhere to this. If you do have cigarette breaks these should be deducted from the hours recorded on your time sheet.

Back to TopTime Keeping
You will be notified of your hours prior to starting each assignment. Punctuality is important, always allow plenty of time for unexpected delays and aim to arrive at your assignment early. If you anticipate being late, contact your Consultant immediately.

Back to TopPermanent Opportunities
We will always advise the client if you are looking for permanent employment, you may need time off to attend interviews (please ensure that you deduct the time from your daily hours). If you arrange an interview yourself, please give the client as much notice as possible and notify your Consultant. Where possible try to arrange for lunchtime, early morning or late afternoon interviews.

Back to TopTelephone, Internet & E-mail Facilities
Do not make or receive personal phone calls without authorisation from the client unless there is an emergency. This also includes sending or receiving personal e-mails or surfing the net.

Back to TopMobile Phones
During your working hours please ensure that your mobile phone is switched off.

Back to TopDress Code
It is important to maintain a high level of personal appearance whilst on an assignment. Your Consultant will advise you of the suitable dress code for each assignment. You must follow any safety wear requirements implemented by the company you are assigned to, again your Consultant will advise you where appropriate.

Back to TopAssignment Ethics
You may not always enjoy an assignment, please don”t just walk off site, call your Consultant immediately. We will do all we can to resolve any issues, find a replacement for the client and find you an alternative booking. If you find alternative employment either through another agency or as a result of your own efforts whilst still in an assignment, we would really appreciate your professionalism in letting your Consultant know allowing adequate time for us to speak to the client and find a replacement if required.


Back to TopTransport & Parking
We will endeavour to assist with directions to client locations, parking, public transport and timetables, however it is your responsibility to allow plenty of time for your journey to ensure that you arrive at your assignment on time. Shepherd Stubbs are not responsible for any costs incurred in respect of travelling to and from work or parking.

Back to TopChange of Personal Details
If any of your personal details change, bank account, address, marital status, telephone numbers etc., please contact your Consultant immediately to enable the office to update their records.

Back to Top48 Hour Agreement
Under the Working Time Directive you do not have to work more than 48 hours per week, if you decide to exceed this we require you to sign a disclaimer. You will find the relevant form in your Starter Pack.

Back to TopWorking Overtime
If you are asked to work additional hours to those initially agreed at the start of your assignment, contact your Consultant who will confirm details and if applicable, rates of pay. Additional hours are not always paid at a higher rate.

Back to TopHealth & Safety
On arrival at each assignment the client should make you aware of any Health and Safety issues. If there is anything you are unsure of, ask the client or your Shepherd Stubbs Consultant. It is imperative that you abide by the client company”s Health and Safety rules and regulations at all times.

Back to TopEqual Opportunities
Shepherd Stubbs is committed to equal job opportunities for all. We adopt and promote an ethical approach ensuring fair treatment irrespective of colour, race, sex, ethnic origin, marital status, nationality, disability, age, sex/religious/political orientation, responsibility for dependents or for any other reason that is unrelated to job performance. We are constan