Firms Take on Extra Staff as Economy Opens….

The UK jobs recovery gathered momentum today as employers added almost 100,000 staff ahead of the economy’s reopening in April.

Experimental figures showed an extra 97,000 people in payrolled employment compared to March, rising for the fifth consecutive month – albeit still 772,000 below pre-Covid levels.

The headline unemployment rate dipped again to 4.8pc in the three months to March, down 0.3 percentage points for the biggest quarterly fall since 2015. Employment also rose 84,000 in its first increase since Covid-19 struck.

Vacancies jumped 8pc in the quarter to April to 657,000 jobs, standing 128,000 below their pre-Covid level at the beginning of 2020.

In April alone, experimental the Office for National Statistics figures showed 747,000 vacancies – with those in accommodation and food almost doubling to 70,000 ahead of the April 12 reopening.


Source:  Daily Telegraph 18.05.21