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Equal Opportunies & Diversity

Equal Opportunies & Diversity


Shepherd Stubbs is committed to the belief that a policy of Equal Opportunities allows a business to tap previously untapped expertise. It believes that use of broader and more diverse cultural bases make skills more accessible to industry.

Equal Opportunities Intent

Fair treatment irrespective of: colour, race, gender, ethnic origin, marital status, nationality, creed, disability, age, religion, sexual orientation, religious or political belief, gender reassignment, trade union activity, criminal convictions, absence from the labour market, responsibility for dependents or any other reason unrelated to job performance/predicted job performance is part of the ethical and professional approach to business of Shepherd Stubbs. This policy of fair treatment applies equally to the Company�s own people and those which it recruits/supplies on behalf of, or to, Client Companies.

Equal Opportunities Partnership

The Company believes that one of its most significant contributions can be made by working with its Client Companies to further their Equal Opportunities Policies. Our approach in this area is to provide where required an expert range of services to assist companies in their Equal Opportunities objectives. Shepherd Stubbs has the systems, resources and knowledge in place to provide monitoring, analysis and positive action (e.g. targeted advertising), should Clients wish to use these services.

Disability Access

Shepherd Stubbs extends access to all groups of disabilities by providing alternative registration procedures and has facilities for the hard of hearing and partially sighted to ensure that the disabled continue to have free access to our service.


A positive attitude to Equal Opportunities amongst all Shepherd Stubbs people is encouraged and is included within competency criteria on which staff are regularly reviewed. The Company does not undertake business with Client Companies who have a negative attitude or an unethical approach to Equal Opportunities.

Codes of Practice

The Company makes a commitment to abide by Equal Opportunities codes of practice laid down by its Industry Body, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), and also to work within the prevailing legal and best practice framework.


Where appropriate Shepherd Stubbs will promote Equal Opportunity practices to local businesses via the provision of qualified advice and guidance.

Policy Review

The Company periodically reviews all procedures and policies to ensure that they remain non-discriminatory and that they reflect best practice within the Industry.