Student Working

Carole – a Happy St Neots Office Client

A great big thank you to Deborah, Zoey and Elizabeth for all your hard work on my behalf.

Whenever and for whatever reason you come back into the job market, it is has always moved on and different, and can be challenging.

The team at Shepherd Stubbs, St Neots office were amazing, their professionalism, refreshing, their encouragement and assistance throughout the process was second to none.

The team kept me informed of new opportunities, specked my CV into firms and helped me all the way. They came back to me with much needed and valued feed back, which is so important when you are waiting to hear.

I felt valued and knew that they were doing their utmost to find a position for me, after being made redundant, I felt very worried and was daunted by the prospect of job hunting, Shepherd Stubbs made the process easy.

I now have another job and am in the position to use an agency to find temporary workers, there is only one call I will be making and that is Shepherd Stubbs, St Neots.

Their professionalism and dedicated is a cut above the rest.

Thank you again for all your help.