REVEALED | Habits UK staff want BANNED…

REVEALED | Habits UK staff want BANNED from workplace post-pandemic

From: myGrapevine News, Sophie Parrott

Habits UK staff want BANNED from workplace post-pandemic

After a long period of homeworking, new research from Instantprint has looked into the habits that UK employees want banned from the office post-coronavirus.

Not washing your hands after visiting the toilet (43%), heading into work with a cough or cold (37%) and air kisses (33%) topped the list of habits that Brits want banned from the workplace, according to research from the online printing firm.

Hugging work colleagues (28%) and ensuring that dirty gym kits are kept out of the office (27%) were also high up on the list of taboo activities.

‘Returning will be a huge adjustment’

Head of Instantprint, Laura Mucklow, said that returning to the office will be a “huge adjustment for many” particularly if staff haven’t worked face-to-face in more than one year.

Mucklow explained: “Giving your employees everything they need to feel safe and hygienic at work is going to be key.

“Whether that’s making hand sanitiser readily available or encouraging them to talk through their concerns with their manager.

“Communication around how satisfied your team is has never been more vital than it is right now,” Mucklow added.

Elsewhere, Instantprint’s research also found that food and drink was a key theme among survey respondents.

The sharing of snacks (16%), the communal tea round (16%) and storing food in the work fridge overnight (16%) were also identified as habits that Brits want to wave goodbye to in future.

Calling out bad habits

With hygiene and social distancing a top priority, and with measures still in place in the UK, it comes as little surprise that four in 10 said they would be quick to call out colleagues in the office habits that they deem to be “gross”.

Men were found to be the least tolerant, with 45% explaining that they would pull someone up on their bad habits. This is compared with 37% of women.

Conversely, only one in 10 survey respondents said that, although they do pick up on these bad habits, it isn’t likely that they will be strict about them with their work friends.

Health & safety concerns when returning

When returning to the office in future, health and safety will continue to be a top priority for employers and HR.

Separate data from the Supporting Your Remote Workforce in 2021 and Beyond study found that social distancing appears to be the biggest concern with 60% stating this as a worry.

With workplace safety (56%) and workplace cleanliness (55%) also being up on the list, giving staff “everything they need to feel safe and hygienic at work is going to be key”.

Aside from health and safety, communication and learning and development should also play a big role when returning staff to a physical workplace.