6 Smart Ways to Find an All-Round Employee

6 Smart Ways to Find an All-Round Employee…

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While we live in an age of speciality, nothing quite beats the all-round employee.

The “Jack of all trades, master of none” is a saying best reserved for the chancers and not everyone.

A study from CV-Library reveals adaptability as the most desired attribute employers seek, with 71.5% of the vote.

A well-rounded employee can make all the difference during uncertain times and is more adept to handle any unprecedented challenges they might face.

So, as a recruiter, where can you find this type of talent?

Let’s explore.

  1. Visualise the Future of the Company
    The requirements of the job role will no doubt adapt in five years.

Your client needs someone willing to go beyond the job spec.

A well-rounded employee will embrace a company’s entire culture and drive it forward.

Think about how the individual fits into the company culture and how their development can drive your client’s business forward as a collective.

  1. Aim for Team Players
    An all-rounder is versatile with a willingness to be proactive and help the team.

Looking for team players in the recruitment stage will bring dynamic characters to the table.

Being a team player can be a priority skill in the hiring process, not just a plus.

You can find team players by looking through experience.

Do they demonstrate these attributes?

Do they have a background in team sports?

Do they mention it was a team effort when you probe them about their biggest successes in the interview?

  1. Versatile Background
    Having someone specialised in the job role is all well and good until inevitable changes happen.

When it comes to adaptability, they might fall short.

Someone with a richly varied employment history may not have the exact speciality, but they will have bags of versatile experience.

Check to see if they have excelled in each of their roles.

This history shows skills of being well-rounded and adaptable.

Even a past spent travelling, working abroad, or studying add up to varying degrees of ability that can blend into the optimal all-round package.

  1. Psychometric Assessment
    During the hiring process, you can leverage psychometric testing.

This solution can assess the suitability of a candidate towards a certain organisation.

But more importantly, it can help you measure how a potential employee deals with change.

  1. Think Deeper
    The job role should not only be considered with the roles and responsibilities currently required.

Broaden the job role to include how the job may develop over time.

What if there’s a budget cut?

What if the technology improves?

These are the questions you should be asking to give more depth to the job role.

To ensure your job ad appeals to an all-round employee, you should use AdBuilder.

This innovative SaaS platform creates custom job ads that are optimised to attract adaptable candidates.

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  1. Be Inclusive and Diverse
    Being more open-minded to the skills and experience required for the role may invite all-round employees into the discussion.

Recruiting someone who offers a different perspective can help solve problems from a different angle.

All-rounders tend to be open and curious individuals, willing to embrace challenges and continually learn.

Allowing the job ad to attract more candidates that will not just add to the company but bring something different will appeal to versatile types.

One way you can ensure your job ads remain completely inclusive is to use AdGrader.

This sophisticated software flags any language that may deter minority groups, sexes and races.